Our Strength

Saibaan is a committed organization working with gross roots level institutions for the last many years. We have strong linkages with communities and earned a very good name. Majority of Saibaan staff are working for over 7 years in Saibaan. It is a great success that we give family environment. Saibaan always believe in participation, so we make sure participation of all the stake holders in our interventions from the very beginning.  Government agencies and departments play a vital role in sustainability so being one of the most important stakeholders we cannot ignore their role. Saibaan always engage GLAs and departments in all the phases of the projects/programs. The areas we are working in for the last over one decade, we have sufficient knowledge of local norms, tradition, culture, values and even languages etc. 

At the organizational levels we have separate sections and comprehensive policies and procedures inplace.

Sections/ departments
  • Social Mobilization section
  • Planning and Program Development
  • Quality and Accountability
  • Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Human Resource
  • IT, Logistic and Administration
  • Finance
  • Humanitarian and Emergency Response
  • Human and Institutional Development Center (HIDC)
Policies in place
  • Gender Policy
  • Complaint Handling Mechanism
  • Harassment Policy
  • Human Resource Policy
  • Social Mobilization Policy
  • Personnel and Administration Policy
  • Logistic and Procurement Policy
  • Finance Policy
  • Contingency and Security Plan