Saibaan's Management Team

Saibaan is lucky to have a strong combination of both the folks on board. Saibaan offers equal opportunities for all. A strong management team headed by the Executive Director and senior managers, having diversified working experience with national and international development organizations in their past service career, responsible to plan and execute at the head office as well as in the field offices of Saibaan, established in different districts of Pakistan. Managers are responsible for planning, program/project development, implementation, institutional building, monitoring and evaluation, administration, finance and human resource management and coordination/reporting to donors and partners etc. As Chief Executive Officer, the Executive Director is responsible to provide all necessary support and guidance to management team and liaison with all stake holders including partners and government line agencies etc. A team of technical, engineering and support staff is also there to support management in smooth implementation of program and activities.

The following members are our valuable assets serving at Saibaan.